Simple Little Purse - Create a new look! February 13 2014, 0 Comments

Become a Pattern MD - (modify designer)


OPERATION - Change the "Simple Little Purse" flap into a looped closure 


Use the Simple Little Purse FREE pattern on the website.

  1. Take away the flap pattern. Measure from back top at opening to front where you want a button closure - double length and add 1". 
  2. Cover a narrow cord the fininshed length.  Double cord.  Using a zig zag stitch, join cord from raw edge to about 2 1/2" from looped edge.  The loop will close purse by hooking on button.   


      3.  Insert raw end of cord onto top back.   (follow same directions for inserting flap)

      4.  Measure your desired length for handle (add 4" to cord length).  Make fabric covering 4" longer then cord.  

      5.  Cut end of fabric at 45 degree angle. Tie a knot in cord at each end.  



  6.  Place cord against side of purse allowing 2" to hang down and stitch to bag side.  

      7.  Fold corners of bag together and stitch a pleat enclosing handles inside pleat.

      8.  Stitch button in place.  

You have a new look to your simple purse.  You are now a Pattern MD - OPERATION SUCCESSFUL! 

A New Pillow Case September 12 2013, 0 Comments

I have made a new type of pillow case.  This has a modern look for a great gift.   I now have posted the instructions with the template on my website AND a video making the case from start to finish on youtube - all FREE!  A Mod Case
By the way I like the polyester satin at Hobby Lobby the best.  They have lots of bright modern colors too!