Prom Dress Alteration May 13 2019, 0 Comments

This prom dress was purchased online and was 2 sizes to big.


  I will show you how I altered it to fit this young lady perfectly. 

 About 3" needed to come out of the shoulders.  We pinned it up and I removed lace from where the seam needed to go.  Basted - double checked and then stitched a secure seam.   I cut the seam allowance away to 1/4" from on the back allowance and 1/2" on the front allowance.  I wrapped the extra front seam allowance over the back, hand stitched it down and reapplied the lace to cover seam. 

 In the center front the bodice was to wide.  A dart was taken up following the line of the insert.  Later small pieces of lace that were taken off from the shoulder were reapplied to cover the bluntness of the seam in the center.


The back zipper was taken out but only to about 3" from the bottom of the zipper.  I moved it to the pinned location and Stitched it down.  This gave a dart effect and because of the fullness of the skirt all blended in nicely.  This left more at the top but I closed it with a hook and thread loop. 

This is how I made the loop cord.


This is how I inserted the cord to the zipper. Lace was reapplied at the top back to cover the hook. 

 This was all done in about 6 hrs.  I got the dress on Wednesday and it was picked up on Friday.


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