Afterthoughts - making pillows from Sweaters August 15 2015, 1 Comment

One of the hardest things to get through is the loss of a loved one.  Especially children when one of their parents passes away.  My father wore many pull over sweaters as he got older and as my mother was getting ready to put these sweaters in the good will box I kept thinking how beautiful the patterns and colors were.  Not knowing what I would do with them I grabbed them and brought a whole suitcase home with me.  As I began to think about what to do the plan came to cut them in sections making pillows for close family members.  
One of the important things to know is the sweater needs to be stabilized.  A light weight fusible knit interfacing works best.  Be sure and press firmly lifting the iron in sections rather then gliding the iron.  
Determine where you want to cut the sweater.  If you want to test before cutting, take a picture of the sweater and print it as a 8 X 10 and cut it up into the sections you think you want.  This will help you visualize what will happen before you cut.  
using the shoulders and neck this pillow has a card with it that says "Put your head on my shoulder" 
This pillow used the middle of the sweater "Put your arms around me and give me a hug"
This used the arm of the sweater - "My arm is around you" 
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