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Design Your Own Handbags – By Patty Dunn ©2023

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FABRICS suitable for bag making: 

  • Upholstery, canvas, denim, poplin, tapestry, leather, hides.
  • Vinyl or faux leather, cork, waxed canvas
  • Cotton will need stabilizer (usually soft) quilting works well on the cotton.


  • Fleece, batting, felt, foam,
  • woven and non-woven interfacings, (new) woven fuse 2
  • Cardboard (non-washable), Deco magic fusible interfacing or Decovil heavy and lite.

Pre-treating fabrics:

  • Just like in garment sewing, pre-treating is important. Treat the fabric as you will treat it after you wash it.  
  • Interfacings that are cotton will shrink. Polyester doesn’t BUT the fabric you put it on can shrink after you fuse.  Sometimes there is a excessive amount of glue on the fabric and can cause more stiffness then you had anticipated.  ALWAYS TEST fabric and interfacing before you apply. 

Interfacing Sources: 

Fabric sources:



Custom fabric printing - 

Thank you to Rebecca Pressley for generously sharing her extra resources to my list.