Classes for guilds

Educational Fees

Lecture Demonstrations:

Half day lecture - 1 subject (max 3 hrs)  $150.00

Whole day - $350.00 

Out of town engagements - minimum 1 day booking – plus traveling expenses. 

Workshops: (some workshops have kit fees)

½ day (4 hrs) $200.00

1 day (8 hr max) $350.00

2 day (16 hrs max) $475.00

Morning lecture with afternoon workshop combo $375.00

Kit fees depend of projects

Half day Lecture Demonstrations:

Basic 2 ½ hr trunk show:   A parade of garments and accessories that will inspire you to make simple into fabulous!  Be inspired by the many designs you can make with one easy to fit garment pattern.  Patty will explain techniques oh how she uses scarves to make garments.  Explain interfacing decisions and give tips on making your garment sewing easier.   

ON SUBJECTS - Trunk shows: Approximately 1 ½ hr each.  You may pick 2 for a morning session with a 15 minute break between

 Be a Handbag Designer: Handbags are so popular, easy to make and a great way to show your artistic flair. You may want to sell your “designer” handbags or just make fabulous bags for yourself.  In a few easy steps you can design shapes, flaps and straps that will take your imagination on an exciting journey. This class is full of inspiration to design purses that are sleek, sophisticated, recycled with jeans, or trimmed to the max.

 Expressions on Cloth:Actively plot your next wearable art project while learning the process of choosing pattern styles and designs that suit you best.   Discover the many embellishment choices that work well with different fabrics.  Be inspired with a multitude of embellished   samples that vary from subtle to vibrant.  Patty will help you release your creativity and express it on cloth.

 A Jacket Made Simple:  Do lined jackets seem hard to you?  Patty will show you her quick, easy and beautiful lining technique.  We will learn how to sew easy fool proof sleeves with no puckers and discuss interfacing solutions.  Learn the building blocks and solve the mystery of why jackets don’t always turn out the way we expect.  Pattern + CORRECT fabric + CORRECT interfacing = jacket success.

Afterthoughts:  This trunk show is beyond recycling.   Keepsakes are special when there is a story behind them.  Making treasures from memorabilia belonging to a loved-one who has passed on or from a special event in someone’s life will keep their sweet memory close.  We will explore unique ideas to utilize clothing of all kinds and other memorabilia such as jewelry and scarves to make unique treasures that can be passed on to others. 


Creamed Portable Pocket.   ½ day workshop  (all skill levels)

Class minimum 10  - maximum 20 students

Make a simple purse and apply the color with shaving cream.  The easiest dye application around! Also learn lace application, attaching cording and stamping using paint, glues and glitters.  Free your wildly creative side and conquer your embellishing fears with these hot, new versatile techniques.   

Equipment:  Sewing machines every person.  Piping (tunnel) foot.

Kit fee: $30.00  - Includes pattern, fabric, lace, cording for handle, coloring and embellishing products.


T-shirt Pillow (Afterthoughts) ½ day workshop (all skill levels)

Class minimum 10  - maximum 20 students

Make a throw pillow with fringe from a memorable T-shirt.

Equipment needed:  Sewing Machines for each person. 18” rulers. T-shirt plus matching thread.  Ballpoint sewing machine needle.  (class includes pattern instructions) 

 J’est Your Style8 hour workshop (all skill levels)   Class minimum 8  - maximum 15 students. Pattern cost $14.  Students may pick up pattern and cut before class or time needs to be set earlier for fitting and cutting (day before) Samples will be sent ahead for students to know sizing and amount of fabric needed. 

One pattern with a choice of making a vest, jacket or blouse with flared or straight sides.  Flatter your figure with this pretty garment. 

Equipment needed:  Sewing machine and accessories, for best results use soft draping fabric  (amount according to pattern sizing) Thread to match fabric.  

The Bias Jacket – a pallet for play.   8 hour workshop.  (all skill levels)

Class minimum 10 maximum  20 students 

Make Patty’s popular and very flattering Quick and Easy Bias Jacket.   Experience bias cutting tricks and French seams.  Learn 2 neat finishes: applying trim to the front or a double raw edge for the bottom.   Color the white fabric with shaving cream and ink and embellish with stamps, stencils glitter and beads.  Learn about the products used for new sew embellishments. Jackets will be cut out for you.  Sample jackets will be sent ahead of time for sizing.   

Equipment needed:  Sewing machine for every person.

Kit fee: 65.00  -  Includes pattern, white rayon jacket cut out and ready to sew, cotton thread and embellishing products.  

Purse Gone Crazy Using a pair of old jeans, trims and decorative stitches make a fun collage purse. 

Class minimum 10 - maximum 20 students  FEE: Pattern and foundation stabilizer $10 

Supply list:

  • Sewing machine and all accessories
  • SHARP pointed scissors (large and small), pins, ruler, markers and any sewing notions you like to work with
  • 1 pair of old jeans - any size
  • All kinds of scraps or embroidered samples OR 8” X 8” of 4 or more different fabrics if you want to coordinate 
  • Purchased purse handle - or handle can be made from Jeans
  • 3 Jeans tack buttons or 5/8” buttons of your choice
  • ½ yd lining fabric - (medium weight solid color)
  • Trims, cords, ribbons or embellishing that you think might go with your purse the more you bring the more choices you will have.
  • Thread to match jeans
  • Thread to match the top stitching on the jeans pockets
  • Decorative colors of threads for decorative stitching
See All Dunn Designs at: 
        Watch PBS -  Creative Living With Sheryl Borden.  There are segments that have been taped and run periodically.