May, Strip Chat May 01 2017

This "CHAT" goes with the "Cross Talk" (cross body cell phone carrier) pattern available at All Dunn Designs

Cut 9 - 1” wide strips in desired colors (lengths will vary).  Cut front from fusible batting (fusible side up)    Place first strip in center at an angle and work out to the sides (wrong side of strip against the fusible side of the batting)


Extending past batting edges.


PRESS strips in place.   Trim strips even with batting.  

Decorative stitch down the center of the raw edge.   For a heavier decorative stitch, TRY 2 threads in the needle. Threading is the same but take both threads through the path at the same time, us a top stitching needle.  Thread both threads through the needle eye.  This is a great technique for the feather stitch.   


Assemble the rest of the pattern as instructed in the Cross Talk pattern available at