Get ready to read and learn!

No Sew Embellishment (11 pages)- learn different ways to embellish garments with glue, glitter,  paints, and and more.  3 D effects, Glue Airpen, Applying foil, Die cut possibilities, Embellished inspirations, Fusible embroidery, Sleeve treatment, Stamping and using glitters and stenciling on fabric.

Trims Glorious Trims (33 pages) -  Applying beaded trims,  Applying crystals to ready  to wear, Belts, Braiding cords as a neck finish, Boucle stitching, Chinese Ball Button, Continuous Trim on the embroidery machine,  making crystal designs and add to Jeans,  Decorative Cord Buttonholes, Decorative stitches, variegated threads, Fluting the edge of the cloth,  Glitz to eyeglasses, Looped buttonholes,  Make your own fringe, Making cords from yarns,  Melting Fabric Away, Necklace closures, Peek a Boo Ric Rac, Pleating with the Pleater Board,  A Jeans Purse Gone Crazy, Make your own Pompoms, and Knot trims. 

  Watch Youtube videos on many subjects and techniques