Sewing Room Tour

Come visit my sewing room. I realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a 20' by 20' room, 2 closets with built-in shelves and drawers. I hope you enjoy visiting and something will inspire you to organize your special sewing space. When the room is organized it is so much easier to work!

Below is a picture of the side of the room that holds my machines. Above the machine area I have pegboard on the wall. Thread, scissors and embroidery hoops are right at my fingertips. I had shelves and cabinets with drawers made according to my setting height and placed Formica kitchen counter tops to rest on the top of the drawers and shelf units. This works as tables for my machines. I love the depth of the counters and also the back splash because nothing can fall behind!

Something new was added: I purchased a new embroidery machine that is so big the embroidery unit would not fit on the table top. I took the counter top off (see my table top set up below) I purchased a nice piece of ash wood, had it cut the width and length I needed and finished the wood BUT it still seemed rough. I bought some clear vinyl and covered the top stapling it underneath. Now the surface is smooth but also the machine grabs the table instead of walking around. It also works great for my serger which usually ends up 5 inches from the original place after sewing. With the vinyl attached the wood looks like it has a real nice finish.